What are Psychic Abilities?

Do we all have psychic abilities? The answer is not simple. It seems that some psychics are more gifted than others, and some people have low (close to zero) psychic abilities. Extra-Sensory perception (ESP) is an ability that most people can practice, improve and master. You can learn how to enhance your psychic abilities, get lessons from the masters, and find out what is your psychic potential. When it comes to individual psychic abilities, the sky is the limit.

In order to develop and use your psychic abilities, you must first acknowledge them. The first step in the psychic world is always the hardest, even when dealing with basic psychic intuition or born psychic powers. Trained psychics have been working for a long time before they could make accurate, authentic psychic predictions of the near future. Because of the elusive nature of psychic phenomena, terms like psychic healing and psychic protection can be hard to grasp or control. Sometimes a psychic ability is discovered by accident, and sometimes it is a fruit of long, hard work with other psychics around the world.

Who has Psychic Abilities?

Using psychic abilities in everyday life can lead to surprising results. Psychics are involved in healing work, counseling, reading of relationships and dilemmas, predicting the near future and giving honest advice about real and important issues. Psychic advice about love and friendship is just one aspect in the wide spectrum of psychic abilities that are out there, in the psychic world around us. Different psychics use different spells, artifacts, distance reading techniques, channeling, tarot card reading, psychic energy control, and much more. This is a great place to start your psychic journey.

Who are Clairvoyants?

The term “clairvoyance” is linked to extra-sensory perception (ESP in short). A clairvoyant person can perceive and feel far-away objects, people or events. Clairvoyant people can also detect different types of energy, waves and auras. It is different from telepathy, since a clairvoyant is not reading minds of people. In simpler terms, a clairvoyant can see images and hear sounds through an inner intuition. The word comes from French, “clair” being “clear”, and “voyance” being “seeing”. The clairvoyants are associated with parapsychology, anomalous cognition and other special psychic abilities.

Who are Psychic Healers?

Healers that are trained in distant healing. This means that the healing process is performed when the patient himself is not present in the same room. Through special psychic capabilities, the psychic healers can transmit healing energy over any available distance. Psychic healing can be very powerful and effective. Various groups of psychic healers often work together to send healing energies for people in need. Many psychic healers require a photo of the person they are asked to heal. The healing session demands deep concentration from the psychic healer, and deep relaxation from the patient. The main aim of psychic healers is to remove negative energies and provide new and positive energies. Most patients report feelings of warmth, heat or tingling in their bodies during the healing session.

Who are Famous Psychics?

Some of the world’s most famous psychics are:

  • Jose Arigo (1918-1971), who performed psychic surgeries with almost no pain to his patients.
  • Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891), Russian medium, co-founder of the Theosophical society.
  • John Edward, American TV psychic from the show “Crossing Over”, author of several books; Uri Geller, famous for his TV appearances, using psychic & psychokinetic abilities to bend objects
  • Russel Grant, popular TV psychic & astrologer in Britain, writer of many horoscopes.
  • Sylvia Browne (born 1936), well-known American psychic medium, author of numerous books, performed psychic readings since 1973.
  • James Van Praagh (born 1958), American psychic medium, author of parapsychology books.
  • Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), American psychic, nicknamed “sleeping prophet”, performed trance readings and absent healings.
  • Derek Acorah (born 1950), British psychic medium appearing on cable and satellite television shows.
  • Esther Hicks, American medium, co-author of spirituality books with her husband Jerry Hicks.

Who are Mediums?

People who have the ability to communicate or connect to spirits, entities, dead people and other forms of invisible existence. A medium is also able to channel several forms of entities, which means that the medium can speak and write in the voice or intent of the invisible entity. This is why many psychic mediums are sometimes referred to as “channelers”. The original term is actually “spirit medium”. Some psychic mediums can perform readings of supernatural messages from ghosts, spirits and entities. Psychic mediums make their channeling attempts at a sitting, or a session, known as “Séance”. Some mediums go into a trance in order to perform the channeling. The main difference between psychic mediums and psychic clairvoyants is the ability to communicate with the dead: only mediums can channel entities, while clairvoyants are able to cover great distances to feel and “see” real objects, real people and real events that are part of the present time, not the past.

Some thoughts you need to think about before the Reading

Before you present your questions, you must be aware that your psychic tries to attune himself to the flow of energy vibrations, higher spirits or powers to find out answers for you. These energies are from the psychic’s spirit guides and higher self. These energy vibrations cannot be measured like sound waves in a laboratory.

The psychic picks up the messages or vibrations and translates them into understandable language for his clients. Therefore, you must bear in mind that you should not expect mathematical accuracy from the answers of your psychic. His best answers are most likely to be approximate to truths.

You must also understand that a psychic reading cannot be measured scientifically and accurately. Trying to measure a psychic reading would amount to determining the effects of a Picasso painting.

Like the work of an artist, a psychic reading is designed to convey meanings and feelings. These are the elements of a psychic reading which tend to be of great importance to the clients.

You must also bear in mind that your psychic’s job is not to satisfy your ego or tell you what pleases you most. Expecting him to do so would destroy the integrity of the true message received from above. A true psychic, therefore, tries to convey the truth as much as he can, rather than say flattering things to his clients.

The Characteristics of a Good Psychic

1. A good psychic will be honest in a sensitive, caring and compassionate manner.

The information should not convey negative messages and not demoralize or depress the clients. A pending negative event should be presented as opportunities for development.

2. A psychic should not use gibberish or speak in a confusing way so as to cause confusion or anxiety.

3. A good psychic does not ask too many questions from his clients.

If they do, they may be trying to elicit answers from his clients. They may be trying to fish out the information from your answers. You must be wary of such psychics.

4. A good psychic does not try to detract you from your questions by blabbering out irrelevant information or talking about their own problems.

This, however, does not mean that you do not communicate and share your problems with the psychics. It can be good to provide the psychic with some information like your first name, your date and time of birth. Quite often this much of information enables the psychic to draw your horoscope and come out with answers about your personality traits and your future.

5. A good psychic is someone who does not try and please his/her clients by giving them the answers that they want to hear.

The psychic is honest about what they see and answers the client’s questions in the best way they can.

6. A psychic who is good is honest about their profession and does not scam people.

They should not ask for your personal contact information nor try and ask for money in any form. They provide psychic readings with the aim of helping people in their situation and gives them guidance in making decisions and actions, and not to gain and get the client’s money from them.

If your psychic is a tarot reader, he may dwell more upon exploring the levels of consciousness and etheric field of those seeking his guidance.

7. A good psychic does not try to relay trivial matters, but provides significant and positive information to his clients.

Sometimes, the dividing line between the trivia and serious matter becomes very thin. For example, discussing a menu for dinner may become trivial, or be a serious issue. A psychic may advise you to eat a particular food for dinner in view of your health, but discussing dinner parties may become trivia.

Another is example is a statement such as “I see you driving a yellow car” which would tend to be treated as trivia, but when a psychic advises his client to check the brakes of his car, there tends to be more seriousness in the situation.

8. A good psychic has the ability to make their client feel calm and comfortable with the reading.

The psychic should make you feel comfortable about your situation and not scare you with what they see. For example, the psychic should not tell you that there is grave danger coming you way if in fact you are just about to stumble on the ground.

9. The psychic should be worthy of the client’s trust and personal details.

All of us give importance to our personal information and would not divulge these to someone we don’t know. It is human instinct for us to choose the people we share our most private feelings and stories with.

A psychic should therefore be genuinely honest and build a relationship of trust with the client.

High level psychic readers do not look upon their clients. During a Psychic Reading the psychic’s eyes are focused on distant visions. They appear to be looking into other worlds. You can very well feel as if some other spirit has taken hold of their consciousness and organs. The voice appears to be coming from afar.

10. The psychic should be able to connect to different people on different levels and situations and leave you with a positive and relaxed feeling due to the insights and solutions that you have gained.

This is when a psychic is genuinely sympathetic to their clients. Even if the client seems angry and upset, the psychic is there to understand them and is open to hear what the client has to say.

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Client Praise

First of all I would like to thank you for an amazing reading you gave me yesterday! I was truly shocked and very much surprised of accuracy and especially when you told me the name of my long lost friend from old country! I couldn't believe it! Thank you once again!

A.W., Michigan