She told me things about my past life that made sense and why I was going through these things in this life!
Rita C.   West Bloomfield, MI

WOW!! She really is amazing! She has a real gift. Thank you soo much Laura.
Randy F.  Chicago, IL

I would like to submit a testimonial regarding my psychic friend and confidant, Laura. Where do I even begin? I first met Laura in 1998, through a friend of mine who worked on Q95.5. What can I say? From the very first day, Laura had me pegged! My situation, work, love, career, you name it. Laura has been provinding, not only her psychic services, but her unconditional love and respect towards her clients and friends. Her accuracy, vivid descriptive details, from names, dates, places and so forth, have continued to amaze me as well as shock me to this day! Laura even provided services for relatives over seas without ever even meeting them, through her amazingly accurate talent of psychometry! Her love for her talent, love for helping people, and love for spiritually uplifting her clients with thorough descriptive insight, is second to none!!!

10 years have gone by since this amazing woman has walked into my life, to not only provide accurate details of what is to come, but unconditional love and support throughout the years! She has touched many people’s lives with her predictions, forecasts, and overall accuracy and predictability! “I should know” and quite frankly, couldn’t wait to get on this site and share my thoughts and feelings with everybody that sees this. If you want to know, need to know, or are just simply “curious” as to what your future holds, contact Laura…..She will amaze you and “touch” not only your spirit, but your soul…Thank you Laura….May God continue to bless you and the wonderful work you do!!!!
Tina M.  Sterling Heights, MI

I’m Deaf. I was surprise and happy that Laura know sign language. My future she know. She know we move. She only psychic I know who can sign.
Caryn K.  Waterford, MI

I met Laura on a flight going from Chicago to Los Angeles . She told me things about my boyfriend and my job. I was working at a  movie studio and she told me I’d be changing jobs . I thought what could be better than my current job! well 9 months later someone contacted me from another company to become an assistant to a movie director. Was I ever surprised!

P.B.  Hollywood, CA

Laura described a male to me. Someone that didn’t match anyone I knew. She told me to watch for a person that looked like that person she described.. she also gave me a time frame. Well she was a month off .. but I went to a party with some friends and my girlfriend walked in with some of her male friends. THERE was the man I was to marry EXACTLY as Laura described. We’re now engaged to be married at the end of the summer.

Jodie S.  Livonia, MI

I don’t know how she knows the things she knows!

Deb W.  Ann Arbor, MI

Laura told me my children were going to move across the water to another country. I  knew there was no way that was going to happen. Well the company my son works for transferred him to Germany . He and his family moved 6 months ago. I couldn’t believe it!

Edith P.  Tuscon, AZ

The first time I went to see Laura. I immediately sat down with her. The first thing she asked was” Who is Louis?” I said my father. She said that he was here. She began telling me things about my father she would have no clue about. She told me the nickmane my father called me and the dogs he had when he was growing up. My father was in a coma before he died. Laura said my father knew I was there because He heard what I told him while he was in the coma. I couldn’t stop crying. I cried tears of joy knowing my father knew I was there. I no longer feel bad that he couldn’t hear me tell him goodbye before he died. God Bleed you Laura.

LInda J.

Being a skeptic.. a good friend of mine told me about Laura. So I begrudgingly gave it a try. After Laura finished the reading I was in shock about how much she knew about my past. Things she told me about the present and about all the people in my life. She even knew their names! I would recommend her to anyone that’s skeptical She sure changed my mind.

Janet B.  Roseville, MI

Everyone has a little skeptic in them, however, my first visit to Laura was in fall of 2008. At that time, she specifically quoted 17 things, dates or names to me. Out of the 17, 15 came true within the exact time frame she gave me which was about 6 months.

Curiosity got me because I had major changes in my life this year. Immediately, I knew I needed to see Laura. I came away with again some specific information and actions that would take place in the next 6 months. Happily, my father came through and gave me the assurance that I was successful and he was very proud of me. I encourage anyone, who has questions on their life path, see Laura. Help is always appreciated. Thank you!

Linda  Brunswick, Ohio

I would like to share my experience about my reading with Laura. I was skeptical at the beginning because I have been scammed many many times. I was scared of being scammed again. I sent a message to Laura to cancel my appointment and I am so so happy Laura did not read my cancellation message on time.

I was so amazed with Laura’s reading and have to tell you she has a real gift. She told me about my past, present and described people around me with 100 % accuracy. Also, I want to share she is a very kind and caring person. It was very easy for me to sit with her and talk. She does not judge you all she just explains to you the situation like a dear friend you know for many years.

I will recommend Laura to all of my family and friends. I definitely will have another reading. Laura provides you with a very good and accurate reading. She cares about her clients very much. Like we say “Whatever happens, happens for a reason” and I am extremely happy I had this reading.

Inessa  Michigan

“I had a reading with Laura a few months ago. She gave me a wealth of information and answered all my questions. She also successfully connected with my loved ones who had passed over. Recently, I re-read the notes I had made from that session – and couldn’t believe how accurate Laura was. I came back for a 2nd reading to focus on specific areas – and again Laura brought up things/ facts that she could not have possibly known. She is a gem and definitely a reader that i will recommend for her accuracy, her warmth and her amazing talent!”

Sherli  Singapore

Dear Laura,

First of all I would like to thank you for an amazing reading you gave me yesterday! I was truly shocked and very much surprised of accuracy and especially when you told me the name of my long lost friend from old country! I couldn’t believe it! Thank you once again!
A.W.   Michigan


Laura is absolutely the real deal, I couldn’t be happier with my reiki treatment and my reading that she gave me when her spirit guides visited us in my session! Laura is very open and genuine, I got nothing but good vibes as soon as I stepped foot into her office. I previously was sick for a long period of time, and she correctly pointed out all of my ailments and physical imbalances without me telling her anything. She helped align my chakras and I could literally feel the reiki treatment pulling the negative energy out, it was truly an amazing experience. She also was able to tell me more about many of my family members – both alive and deceased – with astonishing accuracy. She knew the age of my brother and his name, among many many other things about my grandparents, fiance, and aunts/uncles. I would definitely recommend Laura if you are interested in exploring any of the above things I mentioned – thank you again Laura!
Kristi I

My reiki session with Laura was a very pleasant experience. I felt results by the time I reached my house. That night I slept better than I have in years.
Sylvia S.

Laura is an amazing woman with talent! I went in to see her feeling very upset and down about things, and after my session I felt lighter, more positive, and better than I have ever felt in my life. I look forward to seeing her again.