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Since 1991, Laura has been doing psychic readings as a professional. Her accurate readings have brought her international acclaim. Laura was a consultant for author, John Harricharan (“Why Walk on Water When You Can Take the Boat”). Her “Out of Body Experiences” (OBEs) are documented in the book written by William Buhlman, “The Secret of the Soul”. She worked on 2 radio stations in the Metro Detroit area, Q95.5 and WNIC 100.3.

Over the years she taught Psychic Development classes, lectured and provided sold-out workshops. Working for law enforcement agencies and paranormal groups in Michigan enhances her ability to channel spirits from the other side.

It all started when …

Laura was touched by something special at an early age. She did not really want to say anything to anyone for fear that people might think she was crazy. She did not understand why she knew the things that she knew before they occurred. To her it felt “normal”.

At age sixteen Laura had a recurring dream for a month. In the dream a person was lying in a canopy bed. She was kneeling next to the bed crying. The dreams stopped. Two weeks later, her grandfather died.

At age eighteen Laura saw “spirit” for the first time. She was having a “boyfriend problem” and she needed someone to talk to. It was 3 am when she turned off the lights in her bedroom. Looking around in her darkened bedroom, she strained to focus on an image hovering in the middle of the doorway. At first, she was unable to make out the foggy silhouette. It soon became clear that it was a figure of a man in a long overcoat and a hat. As it approached her, she turned her head to look at the image. It was Laura’s grandfather. The two were face to face. She felt his hand touch her shoulder, saying “Laura, don’t worry everything will be alright”. Shocked at what she saw and heard, Laura pulled the covers over her head, furiously shaking and yelling at the spirit to “GO AWAY!”

At that moment her spiritual awareness started to grow. She  continually took classes in meditation, past life regression, spirits from the other side, and also sought consultation from various psychics.

In 1991, at the age of thirty-seven she took a meditation class. That night after the class, she went home to meditate. In her meditation she saw the word “CANCER” in big bold red letters. She asked her guides and angels, “Who has cancer? They would not say. So for the next three nights the word CANCER kept popping up. On the fourth night, during her meditation, she saw her aunt who had died. She told Laura that she needed to go to the doctor. She also said that if Laura did not go to the doctor, she (her aunt) would have to “take her”. Laura questioned her aunt as to WHY her aunt would “take her”? She was only thirty-seven years old with three young children, a husband, a dog and a full life ahead of her — (so she thought). Laura thought about what her aunt told her. The next day Laura made a doctor’s appointment, and also decided to make an appointment for a mammogram. When she left the building after her appointment, she began crying hysterically. The realization hit her like a ton of bricks. SHE was the one who had CANCER. The next day she received the dreaded phone call confirming that she did indeed have cancer. She found out that it was Stage One. This caused Laura to think about her aunt. Laura’s aunt died ten years prior from untreated breast cancer. She had saved Laura’s life.

While recovering from surgery at home, a few of Laura’s relatives came to visit. She looked at her cousin. Laura told her cousin that her nephew was going to do something terrible to himself; and that people needed to watch him on a particular day at a particular time. Her cousin asked how Laura knew the nephew was having problems. Laura responded that her aunt was giving her the information. Her cousin was in shock. Her cousin then told her sister. On that particular day and time, someone walked in on her nephew, who was about to harm himself. An ambulance was called and seventeen years later, her nephew is alive and well.

After recovering from her surgery, Laura decided to take up a psychic development class. Since then she has been helping people to find life’s answers.

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Client Praise

First of all I would like to thank you for an amazing reading you gave me yesterday! I was truly shocked and very much surprised of accuracy and especially when you told me the name of my long lost friend from old country! I couldn't believe it! Thank you once again!

A.W., Michigan